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Automotive Fantasies

For a guys perspective call Mike, his designs have been called: Sick, nuts, crazy and ridiculous and he fantasizes both off road and on road with a PHD in badass. He enjoys many types of racing but takes great pleasure just bashing at the local play areas both on and off road, Many of his favorite creations will never see the racetrack but they all get their fair share of action, no "Shelf Queens" here. Mikes collection of over 20 cars runs the Gamut from Formula One to a host of  off road vehicles of literally every stripe (usually over powered with superlative handling) to his group of radical on road horsepower factories. His dream street ride (in construction) is a 10th scale vintage Mustang with a supercharged nitrous oxide injected big block, capable of over 135 mph. A strong proponent of "Horsepower: not just your best friend but MORE IS BETTER"  and "You anit got no thing if you ain't got no bling" Let's Talk

For the ladies we offer the styling mastery of the lovely Ms Marianne. Marianne is a true California Car girl, she drives a fully restored 69 Camaro which is a rolling work of art, from the flawless blue pearl paint to the vintage Crager SS wheels to the deep sensuous powerful note of the dual exhaust. One totally beautiful (badass) ride. On a smaller scale She is the proud owner of  a tenth scale nitro replica of her beloved Camaro. Make no mistake, beneath that beautiful body and scale SS wheels lies a race car replete with anodized aluminum and carbon fiber graphite and equipped with an array of performance parts.  Her fleet is rounded out with a stunning 10th scale H2 rock crawler and a Short Course Race Truck for those times a girl wants to tear it up, fly through the air and generally enjoy just going fast, Call Marianne, you won't be disappointed.